Tripepi Smith Coronavirus Client Travel and Client Meetings Policy

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[Updated 3/15/20]

Tripepi Smith was built for remote-first work. We have no office. Each team member is used to working from home and has all the tools to be efficient, effective and productive for the benefits of the firm and our clients.

The coronavirus is quickly changing workplace practices, and that includes using more virtual meetings and discussions. Tripepi Smith is ready for this new reality, but we are implementing a few more specifics in our work with clients.

First, we are going to suspend all work that requires air travel. This decision is made based on the comments from CDC officials that only necessary air travel should take place. Tripepi Smith will seek to find alternative help where needed to reach geographies where a physical presence is required. Typically, this will be work like photography, videography or meeting facilitation. In general, where possible, delay is the preferred action, and given other client priorities, that is likely to be the client’s preference, too.

Second, we are going to implement a video conference and bridgeline only meeting policy. We always love to see our clients, but based on the persistent ratcheting up of CDC, CPHD, and county public health official guidance, we see only negatives for conducting face-to-face meetings. We love our clients, we love interacting with you, and we love “being there” for the big moments. But right now, for our team and for all of America, it is best if we all just stay away. The great news is, technology and our team are totally ready to deliver from our virtual perch.

I hope you can appreciate and respect our priorities. We firmly believe they are both in the interests of our team and our clients’ teams. It is also our small way of fighting back against an unseen enemy.

Should you have questions or concerns about our strategy and Coronavirus rules, please call Ryder at 626.536.2173. Further, if you want to talk with Ryder about his experience leading a team of 20 all virtual staff, he is ready to take that call, too. Whatever we can do to help… virtually.

From the Cloud,