Curiosity Created the Cat

The story of how Tripepi Smith evolved into a hybrid marketing-technology-public affairs firm

Our Services

At the nexus of marketing, technology and public affairs stands Tripepi Smith. In any one of those capacities, we are solid. Once you overlap them, you will experience the true impact of the firm’s unique focus.


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Marketing has changed dramatically over the years as computer and phone screens have taken over the attentions of target audiences. Tripepi Smith offers a mix of creative development services that addresses both traditional media such as print, websites, logo design, and advertising as well as non-traditional marketing services around email campaigns, social media, blogging, SEO, video production and more. Additionally, specific to the local government space in California, Tripepi Smith offers market intelligence resources and experience that give clients a competitive edge.

Marketing Services


Websites, social networking, email campaigns, search engine optimization, and reputation management… these are tools you need in your arsenal to execute an effective Internet strategy today. At Tripepi Smith, we believe that your website is only 40% of your online presence. The rest is determined by the gateways of the Internet like Facebook, Instagram, Bing and Google.

Tripepi Smith leverages technology acumen to provide broad infrastructure advisory services to organizations so you can squeeze the most productivity from your technology infrastructure. Whether you are considering cloud computing, VOIP phone solutions or outsourced desktop support, consider Tripepi Smith your part-time Chief Information Officer with a knack for looking at the business impact of technology.

Technology Services
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Public Affairs


Tripepi Smith is not a lobbying firm, but a lot of our work is in the local government space in California. As a result, we have a unique depth of knowledge in this area and offer services to match. Clients engage Tripepi Smith to represent them in a sales and marketing capacity in Southern California, firms use our agenda monitoring services to keep track of city news, and we are often onsite for council meetings or attending regional events to stay in touch with key decision makers.

Public Affairs Services

Communications Training

Our busy lives warrant many types of interactions everyday, whether it be a quick series of emails or an extended meeting with a client for in-depth discussion. With so many opportunities to communicate, we all make the occasional grammatical faux pas or default to the slang of everyday conversation. Being able to clearly express your ideas in a variety of situations is important. Here at Tripepi Smith, we believe communication is key, not only to create successful relationships, but also to maintain them. Our training offers you a chance to review the basics, build your confidence, and help make you a better communicator.

Communications Services
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Organics Recycling Communications Services

Organics Recycling Services

Due to Senate Bill 1383 (SB 1383), California cities must now require residents to change their habits around disposing of food scraps and other types of organic waste. SB 1383 aims to reduce 75% of organic waste and increase edible food recovery by 20% by 2025.

Tripepi Smith can help communicate clear and actionable information to help navigate this change before state-mandated fines take effect.

Organics Recycling Communications Services

Media Intelligence Services

As media and technology are constantly evolving, organizations are trying to find the latest and greatest ways to tell their stories and find out what others are saying about them. To stay ahead of the curve, Tripepi Smith invested in Meltwater, an enterprise-class comprehensive media monitoring solution. Meltwater enables communications professionals and organizations to streamline their media monitoring, reporting, analytics and more.

Media Intelligence Services
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Districting Services

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After the California Voting Right Act passed, many local government agencies made the move to by-district elections. Now with the 2020 Census nearly complete, these agencies need to adjust the district boundaries to balance for populations. This process is called Redistricting. The list of public agencies facing the redistricting process this year has grown exponentially and new legislation requires this process to require more outreach effort than before. With our expertise in policy and our extensive experience in executing community education and outreach efforts, Tripepi Smith is ready to help public agencies successfully get through the redistricting process.

Districting Services

TS Talent Solutions

TS Talent Solutions (TSTS) is a multifaceted recruitment consultancy service that combines local government access with communications to advance talent quests. TSTS offers Talent Quest, Search Support and Culture Curation services.

TS Talent Solutions

Cloud Webmaster Services


A common challenge among cities is the maintenance and upkeep of content on websites. In our work with over 150 public agencies, Tripepi Smith has seen these challenges play out and we understand the gaps cities face in extracting as much value as possible from their websites. That is why we are launching the Cloud Webmaster service offering. Cities can now hire a team of content management specialists who know how to use the tools and technologies of the common local government website platforms used in the market today.

Cloud Webmaster Services