Public Affairs

Tripepi Smith knows local government.

We keep our ear to the ground to be among the first to hear news affecting our clients, whether they are associations of city staff professionals or private sector companies partnering with local governments to deliver better value.

Each month, you will find Tripepi Smith representing clients at local government gatherings such as Council of Government, League Divisions, Contract Cities Association and Association of California Cities meetings. Tripepi Smith is also present at statewide conferences such as the League Annual Conference, Contract Cities Municipal Seminar, the League City Manager Division annual meeting, Municipal Management Association of Southern California annual conference and more.

Tripepi Smith’s work in local government enables us to offer informed advice about what cities are experiencing, who is doing something innovative, or where trouble is lurking.

We are proud to support local government through our sponsorship of these fine organizations.

Strategic Messaging


You invested thousands in that new marketing effort. Did you get the message right?

Combining our local government experience and marketing savvy, Tripepi Smith helps clients hit the appropriate tone, choose the proper channel, and target the correct audience.

Conducting business with government is a balancing act of pricing, service delivery, relationships, and politics. Striking a note that piques interest without causing a revolt is essential to executing your marketing campaign. Using the lexicon of local government ensures your message cuts through the clutter.

Tripepi Smith is available on a retainer basis to deliver ongoing message advice and participate in strategy calls with your organization.

Agenda Tracking

The public affairs work conducted by Tripepi Smith requires that we keep track of legislative activity across a large number of cities. City Council meeting agendas are a great source of market information.

Tripepi Smith reviews hundreds of council meeting agendas every month. Our Agenda Tracking service provides clients with a filtered list of current agenda items based upon previously defined subject areas, and delivers a succinct email summary of findings. This process is not carried out by a computer program, but rather is executed by a highly skilled Tripepi Smith employee who is engaged in local politics and able to detect nuanced language around sensitive topics.

These comprehensive Agenda Tracking reports allow clients to stay highly informed of the politics that shape their market place, while maintaining their focus closer to home.

With Tripepi Smith, you can be in two places at the same time

Tripepi Smith also dispatches associates to council meetings, when requested by a client, to monitor particular agenda items and report back. There are insights and observations that can only be made in the room, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your own time to stay informed.

agenda tracking

Marketplace Intelligence

Business team discussing new charts at conference

Tripepi Smith’s presence at conferences, council meetings, regional gatherings and boardroom conversations gives us a big-picture perspective on what is going on in the local government market. Working with Tripepi Smith gives clients a source of knowledge and understanding of what is happening in local government. Who is up. Who is down. Where trouble is brewing. When to call it a day. When to pursue.

If knowledge is power, then Tripepi Smith amplifies your strengths.

Tripepi Smith is available on retainer to provide ongoing market insights and advice for your company.