What is a Custom Dashboard? Empowering Communities through Enhanced Media Intelligence

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Navigating community sentiment and media dynamics with finesse is crucial to effective leadership in local government today. Enter the “Custom Dashboard” — a powerful media intelligence tool that gives local governments the real-time insights they need to flourish in our modern media landscape.

What exactly is a Custom Dashboard? It’s a sophisticated tool capable of aggregating and analyzing data from over 270,000 media sources in media intelligence tech leader Meltwater’s database. By offering a tailored view of pertinent media coverage and conversations around key stakeholders, projects and issues, it facilitates informed decision-making and proactive community engagement.

Let’s delve into the impact of this technology in two California cities: American Canyon and Culver City.

In American Canyon, community engagement is a priority; city staff members value the ability to actively listen and participate in local conversations across social media and news outlets. Custom Dashboards ensure that staff are equipped each day to address real-time community concerns with resources and to consult their city council for timely guidance. Armed with insights gleaned from media coverage and key themes, staff can swiftly adapt communication strategies to address potential misconceptions or highlight local interest stories, nurturing transparency and trust within the community.

In Culver City, keeping abreast of media trends and understanding the city’s share of voice in the media landscape is key to building impactful communications strategies. Custom Dashboards offer staff a comprehensive overview of Culver City’s media coverage, including source analysis and sentiment tracking, empowering their teams to tailor communication strategies and media pitches. With access to data on trending topics and news impacting the community, the city is equipped with the necessary tools for robust public engagement and well-informed decision-making.

These dashboards are more than just informative, interactive reports; they can serve as catalysts for change, as they empower local governments to proactively engage with their communities and follow the discourse across media platforms. In an age where data holds sway, harnessing insights from Meltwater’s Custom Dashboards propels local leaders ahead of the curve.

Tripepi Smith’s Media Intelligence Services fuse the strengths of Meltwater’s software with the technical expertise and local government acumen of our seasoned professionals. American Canyon, Culver City and other Tripepi Smith clients benefit from our personalized support through this cost-effective partnership, which assures they won’t need to invest time in training staff on a new and complex tool. Instead, they can leverage our existing expertise and enjoy a seamless set-up.

Embracing data-driven insights, like those found in Custom Dashboards, is paramount to making informed decisions and facilitating healthy community conversations. Tripepi Smith’s Media Intelligence Services are helping local governments not just adapt to today’s information-rich landscape, but lay the groundwork for a future that’s built on transparency, trust and responsive communications.