Cities throughout the State of California must now require residents to make changes to long-standing habits around how they dispose of food scraps and other types of organic waste.

Change is hard, and Tripepi Smith can help communicate clear and actionable information to help navigate this change before state-mandated fines take effect.

Senate Bill 1383 aims to reduce emissions of short-lived climate pollutants by meeting the following statewide targets by 2025: a 75% deduction of organic waste and a 20% increase in edible food recovery. In support of these goals, the bill requires all California cities to provide organic waste collection services to all residents and businesses, as well as monitor and enforce these programs.

Tripepi Smith is experienced in helping local governments execute community outreach and engagement necessary for state and city mandated requirements. We are working with a number of local governments to launch dedicated organics recycling webpages, manage informational social media posts, and produce creative elements ranging from sorting guides to bill inserts and flyers – exactly the type of campaign needed to change long-standing habits in a short timeframe.

The combined talent of our policy experts, project managers, and design team delivers top-tier communication to better inform the public about the new changes and how they can help our environment.

As more and more cities move toward fulfilling the SB 1383 requirements, we stand ready to help communicate next steps to residents. Get in touch with Tripepi Smith’s Ryder Todd Smith (626.536.2173 | to start planning.

Tripepi Smith Webinar Series

Join Tripepi Smith for its webinar series focused on SB 1383 and organics recycling! Stay tuned for more information about our upcoming webinars.