Tripepi Smith offers a single-stop solution for the marketing and messaging needs of our clients. From logo development to brochures, websites to email campaigns, social media to video, our integrated approach makes the process more efficient and more effective for our clients.



A website remains the cornerstone of any organization’s Internet presence. It is an important asset that will often be the first (and perhaps only) impression a prospective client or constituent will have with your company or idea. Make it count.

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Email Campaigns

Email is the most popular messaging platform in the world. It drives work processes and is deeply ingrained in the average person’s pattern of communications. Reaching out through email is a critical part of targeting individuals to raise their awareness of your firm.

Tripepi Smith is a certified Constant Contact Solution Provider and has been using the service since 2010 to help clients leverage the platform to connect with their audiences. In addition, we have helped our clients reach their communities with GovDelivery, CivicEngage Send and Mailchimp.

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Video Production

Movie clapper board on old wooden background

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a million. Video has the power to elevate your image, expose the personalities of your firm and make complex content digestible by the average viewer. What’s more, distribution costs have dropped to zero. This is the era of video, and every company has the opportunity to have their own TV station.

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Content Creation

Words are powerful things. When the correct ones are chosen, and arranged in precisely the right order, they can create partnerships, impart complex concepts, even build empires. The professional writers working with Tripepi Smith pride themselves on translating ideas into finely crafted copy. You can spend your time focused on growing your business, while still coming across as Walt Whitman’s next of kin.




Sometimes, all we need is a second set of eyes. Our team of grammar ninjas at Tripepi Smith can swoop in to make sure all your capitalization is correct, your adverbs are accurate, and your periods are tucked neatly inside your quotation marks. Quick turnaround is our specialty.

Logo Design

Often, the work we do starts at a more fundamental level. Tripepi Smith helps companies create their public image, starting with logo and color palette selection, and integrating those elements into every aspect of the organization’s branding effort, from web design to social media imagery creation.

Brochure Development

Graphic designer using digital tablet and computer in office or home

Sometimes, print is the best option for getting your message out to your audience. In that case, let Tripepi Smith find the words and images to best represent your organization and compile them into top-notch print documents for distribution. As our core philosophy remains targeted at the online world, we strive always to create print media that translates nicely to screen-based consumption.

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Social Media

Social media is now a crucial part of doing business. Tripepi Smith brings years of social media marketing experience and creative talent to the table when creating and managing social media strategies for our clients. Platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube are just some of the tools we use to help our clients engage with their audiences.



Young businessmen talks to his partners

Occasionally, organizations feel the need to get all their employees on the same page regarding a specific project or policy. Perhaps the launch of a new social media campaign merits a discussion of online etiquette. Maybe a city manager would like to standardize (and even improve) the written communications being issued by City Hall. Often, the best solution is not another memo, but a half- or full-day coaching session, custom-designed to suit the needs of your company and get everyone moving forward together.