Constant Contact

Tripepi Smith is a certified Constant Contact Solution Provider. The firm has used Constant Contact since 2010, helping clients leverage the platform to connect with their audiences. As an All Star Solution Provider, Tripepi Smith exhibits high average open and click-through rates and low bounce rates. We leverage all facets of the platform, including its cross-promotional, social sharing and reporting tools to create highly engaging email campaigns. Whether your organization wishes to announce attendance at a conference or deliver monthly newsletters to your residents, we have you covered.

By joining Tripepi Smith’s Solution Provider portfolio, you grant our team timely access to your Constant Contact account, making for swift email campaign development. Inquire with us today about how we can help set up and manage your organization’s Constant Contact account.

If you are interested in creating a Constant Contact account sans Tripepi Smith’s management services, reach out to us for promotional discounts and consider signing up through us by clicking the button below. We seek to build trust with our clients and friends through full transparency: Tripepi Smith receives a small revenue share from Constant Contact for each account that is created through our referral.

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