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In today’s stream of media, it can be challenging to make local government messaging stand out. So it’s more important than ever to design materials that are attractive and interesting, and reflect the professionalism and importance of the content.

Our creative experts design across the board, from the simplest postcard to entire rebrands. Working with various agencies everyday leaves our designers experts in local government messaging. So not only do they make materials look great, but also understand how to configure content to make it engaging, informative and effective.

We can help you with:

  • Logos, sub-logos, branding, campaigns
  • Brochures, guides, newsletters, reports
  • Animated visuals for social media
  • PDF, accessibility, ADA compliance
  • Presentations, meeting materials
  • Stationery, business cards, templates
  • Social media, web banners, email content
  • Infographics, financials, instructions
  • Posters, banners, signage, swag

Highlights of Design Work

City of American Canyon

In 2020, Tripepi Smith began to work with the City of American Canyon, providing on-call communications and design support. In addition to generating the overall Communications Plan and providing related media and press services, Tripepi Smith has created designs for print, social media and infographics.

san leandro soft website rebrand

City of San Leandro

Like many cities, the City of San Leandro was ready to make their website more usable, functional and engaging. San Leandro worked with Tripepi Smith to design a new web graphic for use instead of the City seal, showing instead the City name with an iconic arch and the monarch butterflies that return to San Leandro seasonally. In addition to replacing the seal with something more appealing, Tripepi Smith developed a fresh color palette anchored by the red that stakeholders most identified with the City and complemented by a color family for a modern, warm tone that differentiates from neighboring cities.

City of Cupertino

After providing the City of Cupertino with a communication assessment in 2015, the City further engaged Tripepi Smith in 2017 to update their style guide and refresh their brand identity. While maintaining the integrity of the current City seal and logo, the City of Cupertino now has an expanded color palette and a clearly defined typography set as a part of their identity. In the process of updating the style guide, Tripepi Smith also updated some of their City templates to be more streamlined and user-friendly. Since 2019, Tripepi Smith has used these brand standards for the City of Cupertino’s graphic design. In addition to their monthly publication Scene, Tripepi Smith created infographics and enhanced the layout for their annual Climate Action Plan report.


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