As media and technology are constantly evolving, organizations are trying to find the latest and greatest ways to tell their stories and find out what others are saying about them. To stay ahead of the curve, Tripepi Smith invested in Meltwater, an enterprise-class comprehensive media monitoring solution. Meltwater enables communications professionals and organizations to streamline their media monitoring, reporting, analytics and more.

Why Meltwater?

Meltwater allows users to monitor media mentions, create newsletter summaries and share summary reports on insights—all in one platform. Whether you want to keep track of news articles mentioning your organization or find a list of media contacts, a combination of Tripepi Smith professionals and the Meltwater tool can meet your needs.

Keyword searches can be customized to a range of queries, whether monitoring a crisis communications situation or keeping up with your staff or elected officials in the news.

Media hits and summary data are automatically delivered to your inbox in an organized newsletter format that includes your organization’s branding.

In addition to the customization of searches and convenient content newsletters, Tripepi Smith can use Meltwater to create digestible and comprehensive insight reports on the sentiment, location and top sources of content you are monitoring. These reports can help inform decision-making on communication matters within your organization.

Meltwater’s capabilities—combined with the force of Tripepi Smith’s analytics team—could put your organization at the forefront of media intelligence. Get ahead of the curve today and contact our Meltwater specialists: Kalee Cummings (707-854-8948 | and Kevork Kurdoghlian (747-241-9764 | to get started.