The U.S. economy is driven by knowledge workers, and their productivity is driven by the prudent application of technology to their labor. Tripepi Smith brings a balanced and holistic understanding of the proper role that technology plays in helping a business execute projects. The firm has experience on tap with colocation agreements, cloud services, small office technology solutions, telecommunications and security audits.

Information Security

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Security is a huge challenge for organizations both large and small. With more companies dependent on technology and with greater amounts of information digitized into bits and bytes, there have never been more opportunities for hackers and rogue employees to walk away with critical and confidential files. Depending on the size of your organization and nature of the data you gather, taking steps to protect your network is prudent.

Tripepi Smith’s roster of clients includes medical insurance companies and financial institutions that are subject to stringent federal and state regulatory oversight. Our team can help you prepare for security audits and work with officials throughout the review process to ensure it is smooth, transparent and effective. What’s more, Tripepi Smith can help integrate policies and standards that help the next audit go even smoother.

If your firm is looking to execute an SSAE 16 Type I or Type II audit, and needs guidance on that process, Tripepi Smith can source an audit firm and prepare your organization for the subsequent review. We know the steps to take and the people to talk to in order to get the job done right the first time.

Infrastructure / Data Colocation

Desktops. Laptops. Tablets. Switches. Firewalls. Routers. Load Balancers. IDS. VPN. ACL’s. DNS. SPF. If the alphabet soup of infrastructure has your head spinning, or the voice on the other end of the phone is making you feel inferior, put an expert on your side of the conversation. Tripepi Smith is well-versed in major infrastructure technologies, architectures and solutions. With hosting experience at ATT, USi and Rackspace, Tripepi Smith understands the colocation market in term of benefits and pitfalls.

Tripepi Smith also advises on outsourced desktop management solutions. We know the service providers that will keep your team operating efficiently without putting a dent in your bottom line.

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Does moving an extension from one cubicle to another require an act of Congress? Did your “phone guy” just leave the company, putting you in a pinch? Stop the madness.

Despite evolutions in technology, the telephone remains a primary contact channel for prospects and clients to reach your organization. Arming your team with a solid telecommunication platform that both delivers on the basics and offers advanced features that integrate with emails systems and smartphones provides an important productivity boost for your staff.

Tripepi Smith can help you evaluate solutions, find a vendor, and implement your next telephone system with ease.

IT Strategy / Assessment

When it comes to business and technology, Tripepi Smith is bilingual. Able to comprehend business goals while interpreting the “nerd-speak” of IT departments, Tripepi Smith helps busy executives cut through the noise and get to the facts. We can provide recommendations on new technology platforms, pinpoint bottlenecks, and assemble a skill-gap-analysis to identify where technology is weak or where end users require greater training.

The result is an empowered business team. Executives can communicate more effectively while understanding the risks and challenges faced by the information/technology team, empowering both parties to achieve the organization’s larger goals.