Tripepi Smith Hosting Coronavirus Inter-Agency Collaboration Call

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One of the great benefits of local government is that agencies want to collaborate. When I look at the role of conferences and listservs in local government, they are focused on sharing best practices and learning from each other. In a dynamic environment such as the one we are in right now, talking with peers is helpful.

Beginning today, March 16th, Tripepi Smith is hosting a conference call for local government professionals with a specific focus on communications and the Coronavirus. I don’t know if this will be a daily, 3x a week or once a week chat. There will be a rough agenda, composed of both our client experiences so far and based upon what others tell me they want to raise or see discussed.

This call will be hosted on our Tripepi Smith Uberconference Bridge Line.

Join the call: using Chrome For Video and Audio
Optional dial-in number: 949-245-2582 – No PIN Needed

The first call is at 5 PM on March 16, 2020. We estimate it will last one hour. You can dial in on a computer and either enable or disable your web camera, or you can call in from your phone. There is no cost to your agency and it is open to both clients and future clients of Tripepi Smith. I scheduled the call for 5 pm, as I understand you likely have a ton of agency work you are already doing, so I wanted to help get past most of that while not interrupting your evening. For some, this might be a nice thing to do while commuting home (if you are not working remotely). Others will have council meetings and likely can’t make it, but please feel free to join us for the next one and view the notes we take tonight on the agenda.

You will find the agenda for the calls here (we are still building it out):

I hope to see you or hear your voice later today. If you have a subject you want covered, please message me on that, too, so we can add to the agenda.