Social Media News to Know: July 2021

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At Tripepi Smith, we know it’s hard to stay up to speed on social media platforms when they constantly change. You may not always have the time to learn about the latest and greatest social media trends (let alone the luxury of resources and budget to implement them). Instead, let us provide you with a regular roundup of social media news we think you need to know:

  1. Twitter announced they will be removing Fleets on August 3 after less than a year. They are instead focusing on pushing an audio Spaces tool and updating camera options to allow for a full-screen format.
  2. Twitter updated its reply control options to allow users to choose who they’d like to reply to their posts: everyone, people you follow, and only people you mention. Even after your Tweet is published, you can go in and edit your reply audience by selecting “Change who can reply.”
  3. Twitter is testing a new image format that will remove the current rounded corner format and replace it with a full-width format to give users an expanded image space.
  4. Facebook Groups now include ‘Group Experts’ and auto-invites for followers of similar Pages. Group admins can assign an unlimited number of those who contribute often as a ‘Group Expert’ to highlight their posts and comments, and host Q&A sessions and Group discussions with other experts. Facebook is also testing the ability to search outside the Group for experts. The auto-invite option will allow those who own a Page and a Group to invite their Page followers to join their Group.
  5. After releasing an auto-captions option for IGTV and Stories posts, Instagram is now working on an auto-caption capability for regular feed posts. The release date is unknown at this time.

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