City of Hawaiian Gardens


Ballot Measure Outreach and Education, Graphic Design

About This Project

Tripepi Smith has assisted City of Hawaiian Gardens with a variety of communications and designed materials since 2018.

In February 2020, the City of Hawaiian Gardens sought Tripepi Smith’s expertise in public outreach and creating educational communication tools for its residents on Measure HG, a sales tax initiative on Hawaiian Gardens’ March 2020 ballot. Team Tripepi Smith developed a logo, an informative mailing flyer in English and Spanish, and social media posts about the new measure, the purpose of sales tax and its usage. Measure HG passed with 60.72% voters in favor of the measure.

In 2021, the City came back to Tripepi Smith for assistance getting important information about trash rates and Prop 218 out to residents. Tripepi Smith created web content, social media, a rates infographic, a flyer and mailers.