City of Indian Wells


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About This Project

In early 2019, the City of Indian Wells enlisted Tripepi Smith for financial outreach. The effort would arm residents with knowledge necessary to meaningfully engage in the upcoming budgeting process.

The resulting financial primer mailer contained colorful infographics that told of the City’s revenues and expenses, pension costs, public safety costs, challenges and accomplishments in the preceding fiscal year. After receiving high praise from the community, Indian Wells again tapped Tripepi Smith in 2020 for another financial primer.

In addition to print financial primers and digital infographics, the City of Indian Wells has enlisted Tripepi Smith to create a budget at a glance document. In January 2019, Tripepi Smith went to work, including an array of information and graphics that put the City’s financial priorities and objectives in layman’s terms. Contents included projected revenues, the state of reserve funds, future improvement projects and financial achievements.

After the COVID-19 pandemic, the City continued its streak of fiscal transparency with residents, calling on Tripepi Smith for a digital infographic for the Indian Wells Financial Portal. The interactive document allows the City to quickly and easily update information in the ever changing environment.