City of Culver City


Ballot Measure Outreach and Education, Communication Services, Graphic Design

About This Project

The Culver City Council made it their mission to embrace diversity. They declared Culver City a ‘City of Kindness’ and later commissioned Tripepi Smith to create a poster that celebrates the City’s commitment to remaining open and accepting of others. The posters now hang around town, from city hall to restaurants.

In 2018, the City of Culver City tapped Tripepi Smith to help inform residents about Measure C, a quarter-cent sales tax they would vote on in the special election that November.

Team Tripepi Smith produced mailers, posts for social media, webpage and animated videos detailing how the sales tax would work and addressing commonly asked questions, such as “Why is the City pursuing a sales tax?”, “What would Measure C funds be used for?”, “Will there be any independent oversight of Measure C revenues and expenditures?” and more.

Tripepi Smith has helped the City inform voters about several tax measures over the years:  Measure CW in 2016, Measure CC in 2020 and Measure RE in 2020, all of which have been approved by Culver City residents.

In 2020, the City of Culver City tapped Tripepi Smith to educate residents on a ballot measure for the third time (the first being for Measure CW in 2016 and Measure C in 2018–both of which passed by more than 70 percent). This time, Tripepi Smith educated Culver City voters on Measure CC, a continuation of a half-cent sales tax that was due to sunset in 2023. Measure CC passed with 76.93% YES, making Measure CC the most-supported ballot measure in Los Angeles County in the March 3, 2020 election.

Tripepi Smith developed a mailer and graphics that were optimized for the City’s social media, website, and cable channel, Culver City TV.

In January 2020, the City of Culver City tasked Tripepi Smith with educational outreach for tenants and landlords on its recently adopted Interim Rent Control Measure.

Tripepi Smith graphic designers and writers created a tri-fold pamphlet that explained the new provisional measures. They also developed a tri-fold mail insert for landlords in English and Spanish. Additionally, the team provided the City with a decision tree flyer to help residents discern how the new measures were relevant to them as well as an interactive web version of the flyer for residents’ accessibility.

Team Tripepi Smith designed five half-page, color newspaper ads for the City’s local newspaper, Culver City News. The team created ads to convey different objectives such as encouraging landlords to register their rental units, drawing attention to special Council Meetings and encouraging participation. The team wrote the content and produced the ads with Adobe Illustrator. These ads ran from April to July 2020.

Additionally, team Tripepi Smith designed several digital ads including a Google Display Network ad, a Twitter Promoted Tweet and several Facebook/Instagram Boosted posts. The team coordinated on the text content as well as designing the ad through Adobe Illustrator. The ads ran from April to August 2020.