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The cycle of a social media outlet is as follows:

  • Teens find a shiny new toy.
  • After a few years their parents figure it out and join.
  • Shiny new toy suddenly seems less shiny.
  • Teens move on to something else.

Right now the latest greatest thing on the internet is Tumblr. And as marketing professionals with our fingers on the pulse of social media, we feel it is our duty to make sure that everyone over 35 is aware of what the kids are up to, so that we may effectively invade their space, and inspire them to come up with something new.

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So here is the gist:

You sign up for an account, add your profile picture, and within a few minutes you’re tumbling. You can post an observation, a quote, an image, or a video.

In short, it’s a lot like other social media venues. There are only two noticeable differences from Facebook and Twitter.

The first is that there is no advertising, yet. That’s not to say that companies aren’t embracing Tumblr. They are, and just like Facebook and Twitter, people are following them (check out this Mashable article about 10 brands that do it very well). It’s just that the design of the pages on Tumblr aren’t overflowing with advertisements. You won’t find paid advertising in the sidebar or in your feed, and that is pretty refreshing.

Second is that in addition to being a place to post status updates, share quotes and pass along photos of cats, Tumblr allows and encourages people to create full blog posts. In fact, it sells itself as a blog platform, more than a social media outlet. So instead of setting up your own blog, paying for hosting, dealing with design and such, kids these days simply create an account (which takes all of a minute) and start blogging.

So that’s what 60% of kids aged 13-25 are up to these days. Even if you’re not into social media, you should consider making an account and following your kids, or their kids, or anyone else you know who is not yet able to drive a rental car, just to see what they’ve been talking about  while we’ve all been hanging out on Facebook.

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