Tripepi Smith Helps the California City Management Foundation Tell the Story of the City Management Community

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Tripepi Smith has delivered on a story for the California City Management Foundation to highlight the true story of the city management profession rising up to help the City of Bell. Tripepi Smith writer April Davila crafted the article based on interviews and behind the scenes anecdotes of how Bell is turning a corner aided by professional city management.

“The mainstream media is really good about covering scandals and problems, but less interested in the blocking and tackling the comes afterward when people show up to clean up a bad situation,” noted Ryder Todd Smith, president of Tripepi Smith. “The reality is that the vast major of city managers are professionals with strong ethics and dedication to doing the right thing. In the case of Bell, these manager rallied to help a city in need, and that says for more about the profession than the antics of a single rogue manager.”

In the realities of new media and Internet publishing, organizations sometimes need to be their own media and tell their own story, then make it easy for others to find that content. Tripepi Smith helps clients be their own media and tell their story.

The Rebirth of Bell article is available here.

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