Team Tripepi Smith Goes Virtual Scavenger Hunting

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From record-breaking planks to giraffes drawn in 30 seconds, the Tripepi Smith team played a competitive game of virtual scavenger hunt after work hours on February 25, 2021. The group was split into 3 teams to take on challenges: Team Savvy Seekers, Team The Hunter Games and Team Lookie-Loos. The Tripepi Smith team has been a pure work-from-home arrangement since 2007, and these virtual bonding events keep the team connected.

The scavenger hunt involved team members searching for items around the house that fit the categories created by our game master: Chief Financial Officer Nicole Smith. Some of the finds included a sword for the ‘something you’d bring in a zombie apocalypse’ category, a “Smart Cities for Dummies” book for the ‘local government publication’ category and lots of mouth guards and retainers for the ‘dental health’ category.

Along with some fun finds, the teams were tasked with challenges that left everyone impressed, to say the least. The first act of athleticism was a contest to see who could plank the longest. Junior Business Analysts Anne Jang and Allison Torres and Business Analyst Skylar Hunter took on the challenge, with each reaching at least 2 minutes of planking. Anne took the title at a little over 3 minutes.

Other challenges included performing a musical number from a Broadway show and a game of Pictionary. While one team drew an octopus, others chose to draw giraffes. The graphic artists may have had a competitive advantage on this round of the game.

Lastly, the teams captured what it means to live the Tripepi Smith life in haiku form in only five minutes. Enjoy our teams’ creative haikus:

Team The Hunter Games Team Savvy Seekers Team Lookie-Loos

Working remotely ends strife

Be your own work wife

I love working here

It gives me a lot of cheer

The team is top tier

It’s an awesome day

Working at Tripepi Smith

Ryder, please don’t call

Although the results were close, the Savvy Seekers took home the win. A rematch was immediately demanded by the other teams. The TS team members are hard at work practicing their scavenger hunting skills in preparation for what Nicole may surprise them with in the next round – stay tuned.

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