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Social Media News to Know: September 2023

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Social Media News to Know, a monthly roundupTripepi Smith’s Always-Be-Learning (#ABL) culture drives us to stay up to speed on constantly changing social media platforms. This knowledge empowers our team to track, interpret, and adapt to the latest and greatest social media trends on behalf of the public agencies we serve. The following is the latest installment of our regular roundup of social media news you need to know:

  1. Meta has released a new guide to help marketers to learn how to input AI into their advertising campaigns for the holidays. The guide offers visuals and messaging that can be useful to those who are new to AI or are attempting to upgrade. This new feature is not directed toward marketers alone but can be useful to any users who are beginning to explore the possibilities of AI.
  2. LinkedIn has recently conducted a survey regarding AI use and how professionals feel about this new era of AI in the workplace. AI is a newly incorporated feature in most platforms, and companies are continuing to explore how it affects industries for better or worse. Nine out of 10 professionals are excited to embrace AI, but over half admit they need to know more. These new implementations of AI will influence how users connect and interact with each other on various platforms.
  3. Along with their AI use survey, LinkedIn has also added a new generative AI search tool in their sales navigator. This will make it easier for users to search for information, connect with others and/or leads, and develop additional summaries on personal information and experience.
  4. X (Twitter) is expanding the profile bio section to provide more user context. Users will be able to include more detail in their bio section that will allow them to explain what a company is about, expand on personal life insight, and more.
  5. X (Twitter) has also begun a new X ID verification for premium X users. This new ID verification tool will allow premium users to verify their identity and receive an additional marketing figure next to their profile via government-issued ID. This is another step X is taking to ensure fake profiles are easy to weed out. 

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