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Social Media News to Know: October 2023

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Social Media News to Know - BannerTripepi Smith’s Always-Be-Learning (#ABL) culture drives us to stay up to speed on constantly changing social media platforms. This knowledge empowers our team to track, interpret, and adapt to the latest and greatest social media trends on behalf of the public agencies we serve. The following is the latest installment of our regular roundup of social media news you need to know:

  1. YouTube is introducing a feature that enables the use of multi-language audio descriptions for all videos on its platform. This feature allows you to receive descriptions of the video content in your preferred language, making it more accessible for individuals with visual impairments and offering agencies a way to enhance audience engagement.
  2. LinkedIn is broadening the presentation of personalized call-to-action buttons on profiles for premium users. These buttons can now appear beneath a user’s name and headline in their posts. This feature will assist agencies in guiding their LinkedIn community to their official websites.
  3. Instagram is gearing up to introduce the capability to upload ten-minute Instagram Reels. With the option to allow long-form video content, agencies will be able to inform their communities easier. 
  4. Twitter (X) has expanded its advertising options by enabling advertisers to include up to 4,000 keywords and 4,000 accounts to influence the positioning of their ads. These specified keywords and accounts will be associated with any advertisement generated through your account. This feature will allow agencies to have more control of their ad placement on the app. 
  5. Threads has unveiled upcoming enhancements, including the introduction of trending topics, GIFs, voice posts and in-stream polls. In particular, the trending topics feature will enable users to stay updated on current news in real-time through the application. This functionality can assist agencies in staying connected with ongoing trends and discussions within the app.

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