Social Media News to Know: January 2022

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This new year, the Tripepi Smith team continues to uphold its Always-Be-Learning (#ABL) culture to stay up to speed on constantly changing social media platforms. This empowers our team to track, adapt to and interpret the latest social media trends on behalf of the public agencies we serve. Here is the latest installment of our regular roundup of social media news we think you need to know:

  1. Twitter released a 2022 events calendar, which highlights big events in sports, conferences, holidays and more. Keep this calendar handy throughout the year to plan your events accordingly.
  2. To give users more control over their feed, Instagram is looking to launch an initial test of different feed options, including an algorithm-free scroll and “Favorites” and “Following” options to accompany the Home screen on the app. This is expected to launch in the first half of 2022.
  3. Just like the audio events platform Clubhouse, LinkedIn is launching an initial test for its own Audio Rooms feature which allows users to join as speakers, comment, listen and give likes.
  4. As more creators rely on video to share content and market their brand, YouTube has added advanced analytics to their Studio to visualize the performance of each upload. This will help creators monitor the performance of each video in a graphic and comparative way.
  5. According to Social Media Today, these five social media trends will continue/happen in 2022:
    • Social media advertising budgets are increasing
    • Video content is increasing in popularity
    • Influencer marketing is on the rise
    • In-app shopping capabilities
    • Building customer loyalty through social media customer care and support

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