Social Media Image Size Guide

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Last update: 08/16/2021

Images in posts are repeatedly proven to be most effective in capturing attention and are crucial to building a strong social media presence. While the content of each post is significant, editing images to be in the optimal size can put your profile ahead.

Each social platform’s feed is different in the way it displays images and your profile can benefit greatly by adapting your image size to each one. Images can carry a lot of power in delivering a message and by using the optimal sizes, you not only allow your whole image to be seen without awkward cropping but you make your image take up as much screen space as possible. Your followers will gain the best viewing experience possible of your profile.

Your profile page can create an identity for your agency when resizing images. A well-designed profile page or post grid can take you from a casual account to a professional image. The consistency of your posts and of your homepage aesthetic will allow followers to trust your agency. This will also make your posts easy for others to share your message for you.

The simple resizing of images can elevate your social media pages to becoming prominent and attractive.

Download our Social Media Image Size Guide here.