Nextdoor Ads for Agencies

Nextdoor Announces Ads for Agencies

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Nextdoor Ads for AgenciesAs part of its “Nextdoor for Public Agencies October Newsletter” on October 6, Nextdoor announced that public agencies now have the ability to publish ads on the Nextdoor platform. This feature was previously only available to Local/Small Businesses and Brands.

“Nextdoor Ads is Nextdoor’s campaign management platform that empowers you to reach those in your neighborhood network through targeted advertising. It can help you reach residents with the right messages at the right time and in the right context. You’re still able to take full advantage of your free Nextdoor for Public Agencies page, while adding Nextdoor Ads to your toolkit for message amplification, specialized targeting, and increased reach.”

The announcement is a logical next step for the growing “hyperlocal” social network, which we believe is the second-most-important network for public agencies (behind the behemoth that is Facebook). Nextdoor’s algorithm has undergone a major transformation in the past couple years. Nextdoor used to send email notifications to all users in your service area every time you posted to your Agency Page. Now, it uses an approach similar to Meta’s, relying on numerous variables to determine whether users should see your Agency Page’s posts in their feed. Offering public agencies an opportunity to advertise to Nextdoor users within their service area brings Nextdoor in line with the other large entities in the “pay-to-play” social media space.

Per the Executive Overview webpage for the new Ads for Agencies, Nextdoor will offer two types of ad services:

  1. Managed Service: Requires a minimum $15,000/month commitment. The ability to use Nextdoor’s full ad suite, including video & carousel ad formats, Sponsorships and Takeovers.
  2. Self-Service Neighborhood Ad Center (NAC): No monthly minimum commitment. Can access Nextdoor’s “most popular ad solutions.” Have to manage your campaigns (including creative, budgeting and targeting) yourself.

Tripepi Smith has kept a close eye on Nextdoor’s rise over the years; see our Nextdoor Insights articles for past news and commentary. If you would like help setting up and/or managing your new Nextdoor Ads campaign, contact us today.