Millbrae Calls on Tripepi Smith to Aid Sewer Improvement Outreach

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The City of Millbrae has approved a contract expansion with Tripepi Smith, hiring the company to educate its residents as the City enters a critical phase of work to repair its aging sewer system.

Through the new contract, Tripepi Smith will develop and execute a communications campaign that targets more than 1,600 households, helping ratepayers understand the need and legal requirements for the citywide sewer system repairs.

“Tripepi Smith was already intimately familiar with the community and City Staff, so it was a natural consideration to go with the firm. Of particular help, however, has been their focus on both the communications and the technical nuances of this engineering and construction project. Their focus on understanding the total picture makes them an excellent partner for the City,” said Khee Lim, Public Works Director for the City of Millbrae.

This marks the second contract extension the Millbrae City Council has approved with public affairs firm. In June 2017, the City Council approved a one-year continuation of communications support services with Tripepi Smith.

“The Tripepi Smith team takes a great amount of pride in serving the City of Millbrae. It has become a second home for some of us and we have built lasting relationships with staff at every level. That on-ground experience, understanding the important details and challenges–that’s what make us successful,” said Ryder Smith, President and CEO of Tripepi Smith.

Over the past year, Tripepi Smith has helped the City better leverage its website, email list, social media accounts, and local media to help the City be more transparent and better communicate with its residents and business community. During that time, Tripepi Smith has more than doubled the number of community members the City engages with.

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