Granicus Absorbs Vision Internet

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Granicus, a large cloud-based software provider to the public sector, recently acquired Vision Technology Solutions, a top provider of website solutions for government in North America. The merger is the latest in a series of acquisitions Granicus has made to grow into one of the largest providers of cloud-based government technology solutions, serving approximately 3,500 clients.

Other notable Granicus acquisition or mergers include:

In 2015, Granicus acquired Civica in a move to amass a larger engagement footprint for the organization’s technologies. Based on anecdotes, Tripepi Smith has heard from Civica clients, the move resulted in significant staff change at Civica and impacted customer service. The Vision Internet acquisition could be a move to bolster its technology platform with Vision’s strong client satisfaction and technologies that appear to be more user friendly. Additional reports have suggested that Civica clients will be migrated to the Vision platform over time.

The acquisition also results in significant consolidation in the local government website development services sector. In 2015, there were three major players in local government websites: Civica, CivicPlus and Vision Internet. Today, we are down to just Granicus and CivicPlus of those former players. Notably, both the California-based firms were acquired.

Meanwhile, other players have entered the space, including Municode, EvoGov and Revize.