Coronavirus Resources

As COVID-19 restrictions tightened during the winter surge and vaccine distribution information was released, Tripepi Smith collected sample communications from our public agencies around the state to help you frame your messaging. Access these examples below:

Although the remaining resources on this page were created from March to June 2020, when agencies were first addressing coronavirus, these templates and tips may still be helpful when crafting your outreach today.

For more examples of how agencies are responding to current events, please check out our social media, where we are spotlighting solid efforts from our Tripepi Smith VIPs using the hashtag #COVIDComms.

Coronavirus is the epicenter of every conversation, the awkward shadow of each new social interaction, the root cause of the great unknown that we are facing as a society.

This disease is a threat to our health, our way of life, our liberties and the rule of law. It has stressed our society in ways we have never experienced (I am 45) and at a time when we were already stressed politically. How our local institutions communicate determines how well our society will weather the threat of the coronavirus. It is a time to step up for America.

To that end, Tripepi Smith provided this resource page on coronavirus messaging, responses, priorities and more. We made free graphic templates available for anyone to use–client or otherwise–and offered ideas for best practices and critical messages. Finally, we are available to you for any help you may need. We are all in this together.


Messaging for
Web, Press, Email

Get the most out of your messaging by using the templates and best practices we’ve provided. Our templates capture critical information that can be adapted for your website, press releases, and community updates.

Workforce Management

Crucial public agency work continues even as much of our world stops. Access our founders’ insights on remote work and Team Tripepi Smith’s tips for developing a response plan in case coronavirus appears among your staff.

The Communicator’s Checklist

Even surgeons use a checklist to ensure they hit all marks when working under high pressure.

Asking yourself about operations and public information will help you best serve your residents, businesses, and team members.

Census Counting During COVID-19

It’s more important than ever for residents to respond to the Census. Help spread the word to your residents with these flyer and email templates.

Inter-Agency Discussions

Tripepi Smith hosted conference calls on communications and the Coronavirus for local government professionals.

How Else Can We Help?

Please contact Bryn Miller (, 707.590.2713), Ryder Todd Smith (, 626.536.2173) or anyone else on Team Tripepi Smith with suggestions or questions about this content.