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Who Owns What? CivicPlus .vs. Granicus

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Insights image logoCivicPlus and Granicus are both companies that offer technology solutions for government organizations. Founded only one year apart, ‘98 and ‘99 respectively, the two companies have grown substantially– specifically over the past decade.

CivicPlus is a company that offers a suite of software products for local governments, including website design, content management, and emergency notification systems. In addition to these core products, CivicPlus also owns several other companies, which provide meeting management software and offer online registration and management tools for parks and recreation departments.

Granicus, on the other hand, focuses primarily on digital communication and engagement solutions for government organizations. Their core products include a comprehensive legislative management platform, which includes agenda and minutes management, live streaming and archiving, and voting and commenting capabilities. Granicus also offers a range of communication tools, such as a citizen engagement platform and a digital communications platform.

In terms of specific tools and software, CivicPlus offers a broader range of products, whereas Granicus offers a more focused suite of tools that are geared specifically toward government organizations. Both companies have a strong presence in the government technology space, and their products are used by a large number of local and state governments across the United States.

Since 2013 CivicPlus and Granicus have made several acquisitions to expand their offerings and capabilities.

Those of CivicPlus include:

  • Optimere: acquired in 2022, Optimere ensures digital communications are compliant, accessible, accurate and optimized through technologies such as social media archiving and open records requests. 
  • Municode: acquired in 2021, Municode codifies legal documents, provides agenda and meeting management and offers municipal website design solutions.
  • SeeClickFix: acquired in 2019, SeeClickFix is a platform that allows citizens to report non-emergency issues in their community, such as potholes or graffiti.
  • Virtual Towns and Schools: acquired in 2018, Virtual Towns and Schools provides website design and hosting services for local governments.
  • BoardSync: acquired in 2017, BoardSync offers meeting management software for government organizations.
  • Rec1: acquired in 2017, Rec1 offers online registration and management tools for parks and recreation departments.

Granicus’ acquisitions are many and most recently include:

  • Rock Solid Technologies: acquired in 2022, Rock Solid provides citizen engagement solutions including legislative management and public records requests
  • Open Cities: acquired in 2021, Open Cities offers tools to easily monitor website efficacy and ease of use.
  • Bang the Table: acquired in 2021, Bang the Table offers a digital engagement platform that helps governments solicit feedback and input from citizens.
  • Vision Technology Solutions: acquired in 2018, Vision Technology is a provider of website solutions for government organizations
  • SouthTech Systems: acquired in 2018, SouthTech Systems provides public safety software solutions for local governments.
  • Novus Agenda: acquired in 2017, Novus Agenda is a meeting management and agenda automation platform.

These acquisitions have been key to the growth of the companies and have allowed them to better serve their government clients through a more comprehensive suite of products and services.