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Artificial Intelligence will Change the Way We Gauge the Pulse of Our Communities through Social Media Monitoring

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AI and social media monitoring feature imageThe landscape of social media is undergoing constant transformation. In this dynamic environment, communication professionals face mounting challenges, but the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) emerges as a pivotal solution, offering tailored user experiences, targeted advertising and strategic brand reputation management. While the social media landscape today is largely defined by fragmentation, data and video, the future of social media is to be framed by these trends:

  1. The emergence and growing popularity of artificial intelligence
  2. The ongoing evolution of traditional media, as audiences look to alternative sources for information.
  3. The continued decentralization of audiences.

Only exacerbated by the growing pace of content creation and consumption, the challenges faced greatly emphasize the importance of social listening. Communication professionals must harness the tools and platforms available to stay on top of updates as they occur. 

What are AI tools?

Artificial intelligence (AI) tools are able to customize the experience of social media users based upon their behaviors and preferences. Targeted ads and recommended content work to provide relevant topics that the user may be interested in based on their internet searches, content they “like” on social media posts and online purchases. These methods directly market businesses to consumers that would actually engage with them, cutting out the practice of undifferentiated marketing to the masses.

Besides publishing and targeting content on social media, AI is equipped to help with brand reputation monitoring. Social listening tools allow the audience to receive responses from the brand by programming the AI to respond in certain ways to various responses to a brand’s social media content online. This practice allows brands to see issues before they explode and compare opportunities for new growth in the company. 

Implementing AI with Media Practices

What can you use to implement AI in your media monitoring? Sprout Social and Meltwater are tried and tested services that Tripepi Smith uses daily to improve efficiency and analysis. Depending on your goals for AI, different services will be better equipped to assist. 

Traditional media has seen their engagement fall significantly. Social media, podcasts and the internet are the new radio, print and television news. Following this fall is the decentralization of audiences, making it more difficult to reach your desired audience. AI can help keep up with what is trending in the news and society in general, as well as sending content toward your target consumer. Taking control of tools to roll with the changes will ensure success for a company.