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Why Sprout Social?

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In February 2022, Tripepi Smith successfully converted its social media management process to Sprout Social to enhance the firm’s capabilities and efficiency. A year and a half later, Tripepi Smith uses Sprout Social to manage social media for over 40 clients, which includes 146 social media profiles.

Sprout Social offers a comprehensive suite of tools that allows users to streamline workflows, maximize engagement, gain actionable insights and keep a steady pulse on community chatter. These tools are quick to analyze available data and can help your agency automate its publishing, monitoring and reporting processes.

Efficient Content Management 

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Sprout Social allows users to quickly create and organize social media content across multiple platforms. Users can easily draft posts, set up review workflows and publish or schedule social media posts faster than posting each one natively.  

Based on your audience, Sprout Social’s optimization algorithms automatically determine the best times to schedule content for posting each day. This helps your posts generate the highest possible number of engagements and impressions. Sprout Social’s integrated AI Assist can also help you find inspiration to spice up your agency’s posts.

Additionally, Sprout Social integrates with tools like Google Drive, Dropbox and Canva, allowing users to seamlessly add videos and images to posts without ever having to leave the platform.

Centralized Media Monitoring and Rapid Response

Sprout Social streamlines the process for engaging with the community on social media. The Smart Inbox tool compiles engagements from all of your connected social media profiles into one inbox. This feature simplifies the process for monitoring incoming messages, making it easier to respond in a timely manner. 

Sprout Social also provides tools like the Bot Builder to help automate your agency’s responses to frequently asked questions. If you’re monitoring a specific topic, Message Spike Alerts send you automatic notifications when you get a surge of messages related to that keyword. Sprout’s Team Report allows teams to monitor their average response times to social media messages and help set efficiency goals based on real data. 

In-Depth Analytics for Informed Decision-Making

One of Sprout Social’s most insightful features is its ability to consolidate data from multiple social media platforms into a central location. Sprout’s Reporting tool gives users the flexibility to review post performances on a single post or profile, as well as across multiple posts or profiles.

Users can easily create a seamless metrics report that displays their agency’s social media metrics across various platforms for a customizable time period, giving them a bird’s-eye view of their agency’s social media presence. Sprout also provides a previous time period comparison to demonstrate how your posts and profiles are trending.

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Tripepi Smith has even opted for Premium Analytics to create customizable metrics reports for clients. Rather than pulling metrics manually, Sprout automatically updates the data once you set the desired date range. This allows us to focus on analyzing the data and identify a plan of action to achieve communication goals.

While Tripepi Smith can manage social media for your agency through our Sprout Social account, we recognize the value of agencies opting for their own account.  

If you are interested in creating your own Sprout Social account for your agency, fill out the form below and we can help facilitate that process. We also remain available to assist with any setup or staff training needs so your team can hit the ground running. 

As we value trust and transparency, Tripepi Smith receives a small revenue share from Sprout Social for each account that is created through our referral.

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