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MuniAerial provides complete drone services for public agencies that mitigate risk, shift liabilities and provide on-demand services for your drone needs.

MuniAerial understands that public agencies seek to avoid risk, and that new technologies like drones can introduce unforeseen issues. MuniAerial (backed by the trusted team at Tripepi Smith), provides the following key advantages:

  • An FAA-Licensed Drone Operator
  • An advanced drone platform with built-in safety and secure return solutions, plus 4K-resolution imagery
  • Full insurance and liability coverage on drone operations
  • MuniAerial team members have significant experience working with public agencies all over California

Drones are a huge opportunity for public agencies:

  • Make your State of the City video more compelling with great visuals as you fly over your community.
  • Promote economic development by providing high-resolution aerial imagery to developers and for economic development materials.
  • Execute police investigations with aerial imagery for large crime scenes (car accidents) and other needs for your police department.
  • Provide unique perspectives that help you deliver powerful staff reports for Commission and Council meetings.

Contact us today to learn more about our full day, half day and hourly rate packages. Call 626.536.2173 or use the form below to request more information.

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