Focus on: Rebranding

Focus on: Rebranding

Tripepi Smith has helped several clients update their brand. Rebrand projects present challenges beyond those faced when branding with a blank slate. In the case of rebrands, the development of the organization’s new identity contends with its existing one. Research and outreach must analyze perceptions and usage of the current brand, and implementation must have a strategy for dealing with both the physical and emotional presence of existing identity. Existing stakeholder groups provide an important opportunity for insight into where the brand has been and where it could go. Careful analysis of the organization’s history, culture(s) and vision for the future provides context for creative development, while strategic engagement with organization staff informs implementation strategy. There is an art and a science to designing meaningful logos and associated brand elements. With rebrands, that art and science is doubly important.

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City of Pinole

In 2024, the City of Pinole announced the adoption of a new logo, seal and brand guidelines. Spearheaded by collaborative efforts between Pinole city officials and Tripepi Smith Creative Director, Kevin Bostwick, and Senior Business Analyst, Karen Villaseñor, the new design marks a significant milestone in the city’s journey towards revitalizing its identity. The decision to embark on this transformative endeavor stemmed from a collective recognition among city staff that the existing seal, a fixture for over 40 years, required a refresh to better reflect Pinole’s evolving ethos. Initially conceived as an homage to local indigenous history through the depiction of an Ohlone man, it became evident that contemporary perspectives warranted a reevaluation of such representations.

In collaboration with Tripepi Smith, Pinole navigated a comprehensive process of creative exploration and public engagement. Multiple options were developed for consideration, with input solicited through digital surveys, employee feedback sessions, social media channels, and direct consultations with community members at city events, and further consultation with the Confederated Villages of Lisjan. The adopted logo and seal iconography contain elements referencing touchstones of Pinole’s identity: water and movement (bay and creek), basket artistry of the Ohlone (a circular element representing community, plenty, and the interconnectedness between generations), a hawk representing vision and stewardship of the land, native oaks and acorns (central in the City’s name), friendly rolling hills and the warmth of their sunsets.

City of Cupertino

The City of Cupertino has a well-established identity, but city staff’s use of the logo and brand had wandered too far away from the original design guidelines. Further, the former style guide was deemed difficult to use and the digital version of it had been lost to time. After being engaged to for a Communications Assessment, Tripepi Smith was engaged to evaluate the state of the existing brand, make recommendations on addressing “brand diaspora, rekindle the style guide, train up city communicators about the brand and identity for the City and provide a single page “cheat sheet” guide for all city staff to easily execute against the City’s brand standards.

Full City of Cupertino Showcase

Cupertino Style Guide

Pivot Charter Schools

In 2020, Tripepi Smith delivered a complete rebrand for Pivot. After several interviews, Tripepi Smith helped Pivot formulate a mission statement and brand pillars. Next, the logo redesign process landed upon a new look, with a butterfly to represent the spirit of Pivot and its students, built from traditional educational “tangram” shapes. Tripepi Smith then developed comprehensive Brand Standards to inform all design moving forward. Finally, for the virtual celebration rolling out the new brand, Tripepi Smith created an animation introducing the new logo.

Full Pivot Showcase

Pivot Charter School logo

North Los Angeles County Transportation Coalition (NCTC)

At the very end of 2020, the NCTC decided it was time to update their logo. Tripepi Smith presented several concepts that better reflected their vision, mission and professionalism. Tripepi Smith provided a full logo library, including: horizontal version, vertical version, color/B&W/white, social media icon, and web development formats for NCTC to pass along to their web developer. As of January 2021, we look forward to how the new logo will inform their updated website.