Branded/Personalized Laptop Skins Are A Marketing Win

Your Laptop Could Be a Billboard

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Branded/Personalized Laptop Skins Are A Marketing WinYou may have come across the Tripepi Smith team if you were on the California local government conference circuit in 2018. If you didn’t recognize us from our newsletters or announcements, our Tripepi Smith-branded laptops probably caught your attention.

The team certainly heard feedback from other conference goers and in client meetings. Comments ranged from “What is Tripepi Smith?” to “You guys are everywhere!” to “You guys worked on a project for my city”. In this way, our Tripepi Smith laptops became mini-billboards for our company, inspiring conversations between us and the people we hope to connect with by attending these events.

Here are more benefits we found, and that you, too, can reap for your organization with a custom, branded laptop skin:

1. Our laptops make team members easy to identify/find at bustling events.

2. They enhance identity recognition of the Tripepi Smith brand.

3. They connect the faces and personas of our team with the Tripepi Smith brand.

4. They are cost-effective tools in passive marketing.

5. They unite our team members, bolstering a sense of camaraderie and purpose in what we do.

Tripepi Smith’s graphic design team stands ready to help enhance your brand with custom laptop skins or other platforms to showcase your identity. Contact us today to get started with design and production in time for next year’s conference season.

Custom, Personalized Laptop Skins Are A Marketing Win

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