Twitter Promote Mode

Twitter Promote Mode

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Twitter Promote ModeAs the Twitter-sphere evolves, the way organizations use its advertising services do as well. Most users are familiar with Twitter Ads, the platform’s advertising service that allows users to pay to promote and boost their tweets. But those who have smaller marketing teams or less time on their hands may opt to use Twitter Promote Mode, a $99/month service that automatically promotes your organization’s tweets to a selected audience each day. The option that’s best for you depends on your organization’s unique situation and the reach of your marketing team, but for those on the fence between standard Twitter Ads and Promote Mode, there are some key differences to consider:


Twitter Ads do not require a minimum campaign spend, so you can budget as much or as little as you like to promote your tweets and retweets. It also operates on an auction system, so you are able to decide how much you want to pay for engagements, and you only pay for what you need (i.e. new account followers, likes, or additional traffic to your website).

Promote Mode, on the other hand, charges a monthly fee of $99. You are billed automatically every 30 days.


Promote Mode’s main function is automated boosts. For those who sign up, Promote Mode will automatically boost up to 10 of your tweets to a specific, targeted audience each day. Your team can schedule and tweet as usual, and Promote Mode will amplify your message to a selected audience for you. It saves time, but because it’s automatic there is less control over individual posts. In addition, posts earlier in the day tend to reach more people, so you will want to keep that in mind when scheduling.


Promote Mode is all about mobile first. Analytics and monitoring are optimized for viewing on the go. Just open your dashboard to see profile visits, people reached, and followers. You can also update your target audiences, as well as pause or cancel the service all from the dashboard.

Additionally, you may choose to use Promote Mode in conjunction with Twitter Ads if you need a more targeted promotion of a product launch or ad campaign.

The Twitter audience is constantly seeking out the newest and most buzzworthy news, products, services, and hot spots on the market. But with so much content streaming in every second, it’s easy for your business to get lost in the shuffle. Twitter’s ad services, whether the traditional Twitter Ads, Promote Mode, or using them together, are helpful tools to grow your reach and properly distribute your information to a desired audience.