Twitter for Public Agencies: Making the Switch to Professional Profiles

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We all know Twitter’s infamous blue check, typically reserved for notable Tweeters, like celebrities, politicians, businesses and public agencies. Now, Twitter is rolling out Professional Profiles, a profile type exclusive to businesses, non-profits, publishers and creators.

Professional Profiles allows agencies to streamline how they present themselves on Twitter, and ultimately, build up their online street cred. Aside from having a Professional Profile badge, agencies will get to display their address and contact info and identify a business category they identify with. Down the line, Twitter may also incorporate product and image galleries.

Sound familiar? That’s because Instagram and Facebook incorporated these features a while ago. These elements likely help social media companies keep people logged in longer by giving users less reason to leave the app (i.e. to shop or search Google or Bing for an organization’s address). It also encourages discoverability within the app itself.

So what does this mean for public agencies? You can help your stakeholders find and connect with your account by securing a Professional Profile. Not to mention, this new badge is certain to give off the ‘blue check effect,’ signaling your profile is Twitter-approved.

Businesses and professional users can now apply for Professional Profile access here. In the coming months, Twitter says it’ll potentially add on new and upgraded features of Professional Profiles.

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