Twitter is a Tool of the Borg

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In order to comprehend the fast-paced changes delivered by technology, I try to find analogies to the technologies.  Fortunately, I have watched a lot of Star Trek in my life, so it provides hundreds of plots and science fiction musings for me to pull from.  In the case of twitter, I think of the Borg from “Star Trek the Next Generation.”

The Borg were an efficient species whose competitive advantage was driven by their ability to instantly coordinate their actions with each other.  Each of them was connected to the grid.  Twitter strikes me as the protocol that enables people to interact with each other in efficient ways just like the Borg.  It is becoming a protocol of communications for people much like (oops, another analogy here) TCP/IP is to computers.

This evolution in communications, particularly given that there are more mobile devices than computers in the world, means that twitter is working toward enabling a whole communications space that will help people, companies and governments interact in more efficient and powerful ways than ever thought possible.  This is amazing.

Hopefully we all stay better looking than the Borg.

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