TSA President to Speak at CCCA’s Annual Municipal Seminar

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On May 12, Tripepi Smith President Ryder Todd Smith will address the assembled city leaders at the California Contract Cities Association (CCCA) Annual Municipal Seminar in Indian Wells, CA. This is CCCA’s 58th seminar, featuring dozens of speakers and hundreds of attendees and it marks the 60 year anniversary of the California Contract Cities Association.

Ryder will be joined by Alice Walton of Ek, Sunkin, Klink, and Bai and formerly of the LA Times to discuss how cities can maintain transparency with their constituents, particularly in the face of a crisis. Ryder will touch on media engagement, seizing the ground for truth, as well as the do’s and don’ts of crisis communications.

“I’m excited to talk to leaders of cities about how they can take proactive steps to maintain strong communication lines with the media and public when a crisis arises. Our society today seems to leap from crisis to crisis and it puts a greater burden on cities to respond across numerous platforms,” said Ryder. “The goal is to share ideas with city leaders on how they can be open and honest while balancing legal requirements and other messaging restrictions.”

To learn more about the CCCA Annual Municipal Seminar, click here.

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