TSA Delivers Communications Assessment for City of Duarte

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Tripepi Smith was engaged by the City of Duarte in May 2014 to assess the City’s communication practices and offer advice on how to improve these practices to enhance transparency and public engagement. As part of the process, Tripepi Smith interviewed dozens of stakeholders to get a diverse view of the strengths and weaknesses of the City’s communications. Tripepi Smith worked directly with Duarte’s Deputy City Manager / Public Information Officer Karen Herrera to complete the project.

“Tripepi Smith was immensely helpful throughout the assessment project,” said Herrera. “Their work reflects an understanding of the unique characteristics of the community of Duarte, while their knowledge of technology and communication platforms inspired the whole team. I recommend any city to pause and evaluate their processes as part of any ongoing communications effort.”

“The Staff at the City of Duarte committed to an assessment process that not only generated new ideas, but reflected a desire to innovate beyond the confines of their current processes,” said Ryder Todd Smith, President of Tripepi Smith & Associates. “We found a team dedicated to transparency and committed to helping the community connect to each other and the City. Further, we found a community that was appreciative of the work the City was doing and hopeful to see even more.”.

Tripepi Smith’s communication assessment practice involves an eight to sixteen-week engagement during which Tripepi Smith staff interviews city staff, sister agency leadership, and community members about their perceptions of the City’s communication practices. These interviews are evaluated against an inventory of staff-articulated communication practices to determine where process improvements can be implemented. Tripepi Smith also identifies gaps between current best practices in communications and existing City practices to offer recommendations for improvement.

The City of Duarte was incorporated on August 22, 1957. With integrity and transparency, the City provides exemplary public services in a caring and fiscally responsible manner with a commitment to the community’s future. For more information visit or call (626) 357-7931. Follow the City of Duarte on Twitter @CityofDuarte.

Tripepi Smith is a marketing, technology and public affairs firm located in Orange County, CA. Its clients include for-profit, non-profit and public agencies throughout the state of California. Its unique mix of marketing prowess and technology chops provide competitive advantage for organizations seeking to leverage the Internet to achieve their communication goals. The firm also provides full content creation services, including: ghost writing, collateral development, photography, video production, search engine marketing, search engine optimization, email marketing campaigns and website design and execution. Tripepi Smith clients include: California City Management Foundation, California Utility Executive Management Association, Municipal Information Systems Association of California, California Contract Cities Association, Big Independent Cities Excess Pool JPA, Independent Cities Finance Authority JPA, Rowland Water District, Palmdale Water District, Mesa Water, El Toro Water District, City of Duarte, City of Livermore and City of Placentia.

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