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The Most Prevalent Local Government Website Platforms Among Tripepi Smith Clients

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As part of Tripepi Smith’s work with over 100 different public agencies, our clients often ask us what other website platforms their peers use. The following will give you an anecdotal, yet quantitative overview of which platforms we see (and use) the most in the local government website space.

For local government agencies, websites are the flagship communication piece. Your website is where you host your most crucial information, documents and forms. When you create social media posts, send out emails or mail postcards, you are likely directing your audience back to your website for more details.

Deciding on which website platform to use for your local government agency is a multi-year decision, with tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars attached to it. Switching away from one platform to another can be an even bigger and more intricate decision. As of June 2022, here is a summary of which local government website platforms our clients are using:

Granicus is far and away the most commonly used platform among our clients. Created specifically for government agencies of any level, Granicus allows for expanded reach to access community, and easy to use features for strong collaboration and resident feedback.

Coming in second for Tripepi Smith clients is the platform CivicPlus. Much like Grancius, CivicPlus is a platform created specifically for government agencies, however, they specialize in local government. Their mission is to create frictionless and positive civic experiences. By doing so they help residents interact with their local leaders and become more involved in the initiatives that impact their daily lives.

The third most-utilized platform by Tripepi Smith clients is WordPress. While WordPress was not created solely for governments, it is a fantastic option for city clients. It is a friendly interface that makes it simple for users to create beautiful and accessible websites. There are many formatting and template options, helping clients make their pages exactly what they want. (NOTE: Tripepi Smith is “a WordPress shop” – we specialize in this platform!)

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If you would like help auditing your own local government website or want to discuss switching to WordPress, contact us.