Tripepi Smith Team Members Participate in USC Training Program

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Tripepi Smith Operations Director Katherine Griffiths and Graphic Artist Melanie James participated in the 13th cohort of the University of Southern California Executive Education (EXED) Forum for Public Policy for Local Leaders conducted at the University of Southern California’s Judith and John Bedrosian Center on Governance and the Public Enterprise. Tripepi Smith staff joined several elected leaders from around California as participants in the program.

The program is primarily targeted at city council members, mayors and special district board members. However, Tripepi Smith’s extensive involvement as partners with public agencies and associations throughout California resulted in invites being extended to its staff.

“USC has a unique responsibility to train leaders around the world and in local communities to manage and make policies to improve governance,” said Frank Zerunyan, Director of Executive Education at the Bedrosian Center on Governance and the Public Experience. “Training the trainers is also part of our important mission. If we can aid key staff and consultants, we are potentially magnifying our impact to benefit hundreds if not thousands of communities. We certainly appreciate Tripepi Smith’s interest in our program.”

During the two-day workshop at USC’s Bedrosian Center, attendees heard from eight expert speakers and USC Price faculty on topics ranging from collaborative governance to understanding and managing freight in cities that bridged the gap between theoretical learning and real-life experience. “Newgotiation” addressed complex group decision challenges across the public sector, nonprofit organizations and private industry, using a recognized public administration framework of collaboration to achieve better results, while “Decision and Risk Analysis” presented the foundations of decision-making in government organizations and other large enterprises. Practical coursework in economic development, housing policy, electric transportation and supply chain trends rounded out the content.

“California is a complex society with a complex government apparatus. A program like this can peel back those complexities to enable learning or yield inspiration that can benefit our clients,” said Katherine Griffiths. “I met some dedicated elected public servants and brilliant thought leaders. Frank Zerunyan and the rest of the EXED Forum organizers have assembled an excellent program that I would recommend for anyone interested in public policy and strategic leadership.”

“Some might think it odd to have a graphic artist participate in a program of this nature, but Tripepi Smith is focused on explaining public policy challenges in a digestible form for the average resident. That is the same goal of good graphic design, so having background and exposure on some of society’s challenges enables me, as an artist, to be more effective in my work for public agencies,” said Melanie James.

“USC’s program is highly-respected among public officials, and I see substantial value in having members of the Tripepi Smith team attend this program,” said Ryder Todd Smith, President at Tripepi Smith. “USC is executing a huge public service by bridging the world of academia into the pragmatic realities of local government for elected officials. I am deeply thankful to Frank Zerunyan for throwing out the welcome mat to Tripepi Smith’s team.”

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