Tripepi Smith Releases First Single

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Sometimes a great song just makes life better. Music highlights life experiences, such as driving through the dark with Phil Collins thumping out “In the Air Tonight,” or standing on the top of a mountain peak after a long hike and letting “Eye of the Tiger” fill your ear drums courtesy of Survivor. To these experiences, the public can now add #TripepiSmithLife–a wonderful diddy that celebrates the culture and work routine for the army of talent at Tripepi Smith.

The song was written in collaboration among members of the Tripepi Smith team and Matt Balliet, a young, multi-talented artist who by day is a waste management consultant, but by night lets loose with his musical talent. He also happens to be the brother of Tripepi Smith rockstar Bria Balliet, senior business analyst.

“Music is fun. Music sticks in your mind. And, there is little doubt that music is a cultural influencer. We initially commissioned this project as a fun way to spruce up our hold music on our Uberconference bridge line, but Matt’s talent produced a song that the world should enjoy. So, we decided to share the song more broadly,” shared Ryder Todd Smith, president of Tripepi Smith. “I find myself dialing in a bit early these days to just get pumped up listening to ‘#TripepiSmithLife’. It is frickin awesome.”

The tune took on more of a broader role within Tripepi Smith, becoming a core culture-building asset for the team. Especially during a year besmirched by a pandemic, cutting a song to share with the team proved helpful to keep team spirit up and added to the shared experience of being on Team Tripepi Smith.

“Tripepi Smith has been a work-from-anywhere environment for nearly ten years. We dropped our office space five years ago. Our team has learned a lot about curating culture in this virtual environment, and it has both helped us grow a core team of amazing talent, but also created some deep management experience that we know many other organizations could benefit from right now as they face the pandemic-induced virtual work environment,” commented Tripepi Smith CFO and Co-Founder Nicole D. Smith. “You look at any great organization that has stood the test of time, and in their history, you find that they used music to celebrate their organizations. Music is a part of culture. If culture matters to your organization–music is a less obvious–but a fun asset.”

Tripepi Smith has been working to share its team building and virtual work environment experience with local governments across the State of California. In 2020, Ryder spoke via webinars on the subject in collaboration with the Institute of Local Government, Municipal Management Association of Northern California and Municipal Management Association of Southern California. Now, with the launch of TS Talent Solutions–Tripepi Smith is also offering culture curation services to help other organizations define, celebrate and inculcate positive culture in their organizations, too.

“I can’t say enough good things about Matt Balliet’s work on the music or the Tripepi Smith team members who joined him in the collaborative project. We have several other ideas in the works, and I can foresee a time when a full album will be assembled. Why? Because it is fun,” concluded Ryder.

About Tripepi Smith

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