Social Media News to Know: November 2020

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You may not always have the time to learn about the latest and greatest social media trends (let alone the luxury of resources and budget to implement them). Instead, let Tripepi Smith provide you with a regular roundup of social media news we think you need to know. Here are five stories that caught our attention this past month:

  1. Facebook is now using AI to sort content for quicker moderation – such as filtering out spam and hate speech.
  2. As of November 11, Facebook extended their temporary pause on ads relating to social issues, elections or politics. Advertisers can expect this to last up to another month.
  3. Instagram removed the ‘Recent’ tab from hashtag listings to stop the spread of election misinformation.
  4. On November 12, LinkedIn reported a significant error in ad reporting. Subsequently, they fixed the two measurement issues that may have over-reported some Sponsored Content campaign metrics for impression and video views.
  5. To slow the spread of election misinformation, Twitter released a range of measures which placed warning labels on approximately 300,000 Tweets. This was done to ensure their Civic Integrity Policy was followed. Based on the data from the measures, Twitter is intending to make product changes in the future.

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