Social Media News to Know: March 2021

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At Tripepi Smith, we know it’s hard to stay up to speed on social media platforms when they constantly change. You may not always have the time to learn about the latest and greatest social media trends (let alone the luxury of resources and budget to implement them). Instead, let us provide you with a regular roundup of social media news we think you need to know. Here are the stories that caught our attention this month:

  1. Google and Facebook lifted their ‘political ad’ bans. The mega-platforms imposed the bans on themselves to prevent misinformation from spreading around the time of the General Election.
  2. LinkedIn is offering more features for Company Pages: Page Admins can easily find posts to reshare with the help of ‘Recommend’ and ‘Content Suggestion’ tools, try a new and improved contact form intended to drive high-quality leads and use LinkedIn Stories.
  3. Instagram is testing a ‘Closed Captions’ sticker for Stories that automatically transcribes videos, though it remains to be unknown when the public (and #LocalGov) will get access to the feature.
  4. Twitter is letting advertisers limit who can reply to their promoted tweets, testing an ‘Undo’ function that would revert sent tweets and adding multiple security keys that’ll make it easier for users to log in with two-factor authentication from any device.
  5. Twitter gave the world a first look at features that may be coming with all new “business profiles”. To help users separate bots from established businesses, the platform is looking to create all new business profiles with tons of features that can be customized and offer great potential for creating more leads. First, requests for verification may be expedited thanks to automated bots. Second, businesses will be better positioned to tout their service/product type and industry through a new category section and image gallery, as well as connect Followers to their brook and mortar locations and contact information with new buttons.

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