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Social Media News to Know: May 2020

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At Tripepi Smith, we know it’s hard to stay up to speed on social media platforms when they constantly change. Just a few years ago, ephemeral “Stories” content, live video streaming and automated message replies were all considered “cutting edge.” Now, if you’re not using these features, you’re being left behind.

You may not always have the time to learn about latest and greatest social media trends (let alone the luxury of resources and budget to implement them). Instead, let Tripepi Smith provide you with a regular roundup of social media news we think you need to know. Here are five stories that caught our attention this past month:

  1. Adding timestamps in your YouTube Description might enable ‘Chapters.’
  2. Instagram announced you can now read Direct Messages through desktop.
  3. Facebook has released a 64-page guide “sharing specific ways you can use Facebook and Instagram to bring people together during the crisis.”
  4. Instagram has a “Restrict” comment feature – It does not Ban a person from Following you. It’s similar to Hiding a person’s Comments on Facebook. Only you and they see their comments, but they don’t know they’re Restricted.
  5. Quick guide to Twitter “Fleeting Tweets” AKA “Fleets.”


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