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Social Media News to Know: June 2024

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Tripepi Smith’s Always-Be-Learning (#ABL) culture drives us to stay up to speed on constantly changing social media platforms. This knowledge empowers our team to track, interpret and adapt to the latest and greatest social media trends on behalf of the public agencies we serve. The following is the latest installment of our regular roundup of social media news you need to know:

  1. Instagram is expanding its Carousel posts feature, allowing creators to add text overlays on individual images and re-format them within the display. This new feature gives users the opportunity to further personalize their content and enhance their creative control.
  2. Threads users are seeing hashtag use-related updates. When drafting posts, some users will begin to see a reminder message to use hashtags to reach a wider audience, emphasizing hashtags’ impact in helping users learn more about specific topics. While Threads encourages the use of applicable hashtags, it does apply a limit to the number of hashtags users can use in hopes of stopping the spam of popular tags within the platform.
  3. YouTube is making strides in AI with its new Dream Screen feature. Dream Screen generates background videos or images for short clips all from text-based prompts. Creators can simply type an idea into the tool and receive a plethora of images to include in their Shorts. 
  4. Also in the AI realm from YouTube is the expansion of AI generated comment summaries to both Videos and Shorts. This new comment sorting process utilizes AI to find common themes within video comments and then categorizes them for user convenience. 
  5. Likes” are now hidden on X. While users will be able to see their personal likes within their profiles, they will not be visible to others. The platform believes this update will give users more freedom to engage with more content within the app.

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