Social Media News to Know: Monthly Roundup

Social Media News to Know: August 2022

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Social Media News to Know

Tripepi Smith’s Always-Be-Learning (#ABL) culture drives us to stay up to speed on constantly changing social media platforms. This knowledge empowers our team to track, interpret and adapt to the latest and greatest social media trends on behalf of the public agencies we serve. The following is the latest installment of our regular roundup of social media news you need to know:

  1. Scheduling Reels has become available through Meta’s Creator Studio app. While Meta has been rolling out this feature in Creator Studio over the past few months, this is the first time the tool has become available for all users. The ability to schedule Reels within the Creator Studio app will make it easier for users to format and customize their posts in advance, as well as schedule Reels to post at the best time to reach their target audience.
  2. YouTube has added another way for users to respond to videos with a new comment sticker for Shorts clips. Users will be able to paste the comment sticker directly on their video, allowing them to reply to comments in a video or photo format. Creators will be able to view the questions in the comments and choose which one they want to answer. They can then use the comment as the motive for their video reply.
  3. To diminish the spread of misinformation, Google is looking to add more context to Search results by adding improved contextual data and more information to results. To do this, Google has updated its algorithm to double-check facts for use as snippets. This new feature will help users discern which results are most accurate.
  4. LinkedIn has launched new templates that users can customize to give their followers updates. The feature provides a set of backgrounds and text formatting options. This update provides a customizable and creative way users can connect with their followers. These attractive templates could enhance clients’ feeds and save time during the creation process.
  5. Twitter is adding a ‘Location Spotlight’ to all Professional Profiles. All businesses that have switched to a Professional Profile can enable the new module in their Profile Spotlight options. This will allow the profile to showcase the physical location of the business on a map, which could be helpful for cities to direct residents to city offices. Professional Profiles also allow users to opt in to sending out newsletters through a newsletter module, which could be useful in providing updates and information to residents through social media. Twitter users can design, compose and import email lists via Revue, a Twitter-owned social media and email newsletter company.

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