Should You Get Twitter Blue Verification

Should You Get Twitter Blue Verification?

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Should You Get Twitter Blue Verification Whether an avid user or passive observer, all familiar with Twitter recognize the blue checkmark as a hallmark of the platform. Previously, users deemed “authentic accounts of public interest” were either bestowed Twitter’s blue checkmark or underwent an opt-in verification process, providing documentation that their profile represents an “active, notable, and authentic entity,” such as an official government page. With new leadership at the helm, Twitter is reimagining how a number of key features operate, including profile verification. 

As of November 9, 2022, users must subscribe to Twitter Blue to add a checkmark to their account, gaining early access to select features, such as Edit Tweet, Bookmark Folders, Undo Tweet and more to be determined. Pricing for this service is subject to change, though as of now users must pay $8/month (or $11/month through iOS mobile). Users with a blue checkmark obtained from the previous criteria could be grandfathered in if they continue to meet the “active, notable, and authentic” distinction, though additional details may be forthcoming. However, the verification process will look different for those seeking a new profile checkmark. 

Checkmark Differences

Under Twitter Blue’s new system, profiles will display a customized verification symbol depending on the type of entity they represent. While the initial roll-out of this system spurred an array of impersonation accounts, additional updates should have curtailed this issue.

  • Blue: A profile verified under Twitter’s previous criteria, or a profile with an active paid subscription to Twitter Blue.
  • Gold: A profile with an official business account through Twitter Blue for Business. 
  • Gray: A profile with an official government or multilateral account. 

In addition to an array of checkmark colors, Twitter is also rolling out new categories of labels, which will indicate different types of official profiles.

  • Official labels: Applied to a profile representing a government account, political organizations, commercial companies and selected public figures.
  • State-affiliated media and Government labels: Applied to a profile representing a state-affiliated media and government account, which “play a role as a geopolitical or official Government communication channel.” This label includes additional information about the country the account is affiliated with––such as a flag icon to indicate the profile’s country of origin–– and whether the profile is operated by a government representative or a state-affiliated media entity. 
  • Candidate labels: Applied to a profile representing an official, national-level candidate for selected elections. This label contains information about the office the candidate is running for, the location of said office, and when applicable, the district number.
  • Automated account labels: Applied to a profile that generates automated content, not produced by a human. This label serves to promote transparency and is currently in the testing phase
  • Professional Category labels: Applied to Professional Accounts, which users may opt into and edit depending on their profile.

Is Twitter Blue worth the cost?

Government officials and public-serving entities share a common communication goal: to increase the salience and transparency of educational messaging. In comparison to traditional media outlets, online tools such as Twitter prove effective in disseminating messages to a selected community at a low cost. As a result, the proven convenience of social media will continue to leave Government-aligned entities subject to the whims of these networks evolving.  

When weighing the benefits of Twitter Blue, consider what features you value the most based on your organization’s goals. For example, Twitter’s algorithm is configured to amplify Tweets from verified users. If your Twitter profile has a significant audience compared to other social media platforms, and you wish to continue benefiting from it, subscribing to the service may be worth considering.

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