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Graphic Design, Photography Services

About This Project

Soll Center for Student Opportunity

Tripepi Smith was engaged by the Soll Center for Student Opportunity at CMC in February 2017 to develop a logo and identity system, to build a library of internal stock photography and to rewrite, redesign and publish the 64-page Career Guide, six-page Opportunities brochure and four-page Outcomes brochure.

Tripepi Smith’s photography team went on-site to shoot custom stock photography for the Soll Center.

The graphic identity system component of the project was two-fold: First, Tripepi Smith adapted the Center’s logo and brand to reflect its unique range of service offerings within the context of Claremont McKenna College’s larger brand. Second, Tripepi Smith created a complex infographic that served as a base for presenting the Center’s menu of career interest clusters.

Outside of the primary infographic, the cog element and icons reappear to frame and illustrate a pie chart in the Outcomes brochure and to spotlight sponsored student internship areas within the Opportunities brochure. The color palette and icons also were used for directional signage during an on-campus career fair.