Marsala is The New Black

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marsalaEvery year, Pantone (the world-renowned authority on color) announces a new “it” color. This year, a subtle, warm shade of wine red called Marsala was given the distinction and it is popping up everywhere, from fashion runways, to freshly pimped rides and wedding bouquets. But how is the “color of the year” decided on, and what does it mean to those of us not strutting down the runway in Paris?

Though it may sound unbelievable, color trends are actually monitored and highly influenced by a secretive group of colorists from around the world. They gather with a theme in mind to discuss anthropologic movement, nationalistic influences, and photographic evidence and over the course of two days they arrange a palette concept. The colors they deem as trending are then published and sold both in print and online as the Pantone View, a “colour trend service.”

The official announcement of the color trend further serves to boost its prominence, and before you know it, Marsala is everywhere.

To benefit from the popularity of any given color, organizations can incorporate them into their marketing material, but a balance must be struck. Company branding needs to be consistent to be effective, so it is important to use the new black in ways that won’t require a complete overhaul of your company image.

Consider the following ways to embrace the hip new thing, while staying true to your long-term branding goals:

1. Products
If your company sells a product, 2015 is a great time to offer a Marsala color option.

2. Conference Displays
Draping your tables with chic tones will make your booth look modern while not changing your overall marketing.

3. Promotional Merchandise
Whether it’s a coffee mug, calendar, or iPad cover, consider giving your customers something in this year’s color. With a bold tone, like this year’s Marsala, you may need to use a black and white version of your logo.

family24. Collateral Imagery
Tinge photos with a bit of that Marsala to add visual interest and a fashionable splash of color to your collateral material. Then print just as many as you are likely to need in the coming year.

5. Decoration
If you have a waiting room, or other public space, frame a simple black and white print in this year’s color. Then match it with a few simple items such as a flower vase, or throw pillows. These items can be easily updated to keep your space looking modern.

The main thing with color trends is to be aware of them, and utilize them where it works for you. With a little creativity, your brand can embrace fleeting trends, without getting lost in them.

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