League CM Department Enhances Award Ceremony with Tripepi Smith Assist

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City managers involved with the League of California Cities City Manager Department Annual Conference called upon Tripepi Smith’s creative ideas to aid a special mission: enhance the annual awards luncheon event. Tripepi Smith, who has firsthand and long-standing experience working with the city manager community through involvement with the California City Management Foundation (CCMF), sprung into action and facilitated scripting, timeline planning, data gathering, and presentation assembly for the visuals and music to set the tone for the award event. Tripepi Smith also leveraged footage available from the California City Management Foundation to produce a “passion for the profession” video to remind attendees of the power of public service.

“Tripepi Smith did an excellent job of helping us tell the story of city management and improve the pacing and tone of our annual awards ceremony. Ryder and his team offered a complete package: from ideas to execution, their work boosted the quality of the event and paid respect to our award winners,” said Daniel Keen, President of the League of California Cities City Manager Department and City Manager of Vallejo. “The City Manager Department recognizes that our profession is built around great people and personalities, and each year, the awards luncheon gives us all a chance to remember that.”

Tripepi Smith’s involvement with the League City Manager Department is just one of the myriad ways that the firm engages the city management profession. For instance, the Tripepi Smith team has been a longtime supporter of the California City Management Foundation, serving as both back office staff and an annual sponsor. Further, Tripepi Smith principal Ryder Todd Smith is a member of the International City/County Management Association. The firm has also supported the Orange County City Managers Association and routinely supports other association groups that focus on enhancing the skills of management staff in cities across California.

“I have spent the better part of my post-college life surrounded by city managers. From my father-in-law, who was a city manager for thirty years, to the many friends I have made in local government, city managers are a compelling group of professionals to interact with,” said Ryder Todd Smith, President at Tripepi Smith. “The challenges of our society are being taken head on every day by the executive leaders of cities across this country, and it is fascinating to have courtside seats to their efforts.”

The “passion for the profession” video was assembled from footage provided by the CCMF. CCMF had launched a “Meet Your City Manager” video series several years ago, yet the combined footage from that effort remains valuable to this day.

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