Grover Beach Entrusts Tripepi Smith Strategy for Sales Tax Measure Education

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Following the certification of election results by Council on December 7, 2020, the City of Grover Beach formally adopted the ordinance for Measure F-20, a one-cent (or 1.0%) sales tax. The City anticipates collecting approximately $1.8 million annually as a result of the Measure to help address important Grover Beach community needs, such as infrastructure projects, economic development programs and public safety and emergency services. Voters approved the sales tax increase by a vote of 52.68% Yes to 47.32% No.

“Grover Beach, like many California cities, is seeing an increased demand for services at the same time our tax revenues are not providing enough funding to address these community needs. Asking our residents and visitors to invest further in their community during a tough time is not something we took for granted, but our Council made the decision to let the voters decide. I appreciate the trust and confidence our residents showed in the City of Grover Beach by supporting Measure F-20,” said Grover Beach City Manager Matthew Bronson

In July 2020, the Grover Beach City Council voted unanimously to place Measure F-20 on the ballot for voters to decide. Recognizing the 2020 ballot was going to be packed with lots of statewide measures and a high profile national election, the City of Grover Beach determined a need to provide additional information to the community about Measure F-20. The City turned to Tripepi Smith, its current communications consultant, for a proposal for resident outreach and education, then began executing the strategy in August. Starting well in advance of the November 3 election was particularly important to the City, given the anticipated increase in early voting via mail-in ballots.

Continued Matthew, “Tripepi Smith was a critical partner who helped us inform voters about Measure F-20. The firm got up and running quickly and outlined an appropriate plan to ensure transparency and public awareness of this local matter. The results were even noticed in neighboring cities who approached me asking for guidance on how they could do the same to inform their community.”

“Both the City of Grover Beach and Tripepi Smith recognized that residents were going to be overwhelmed with political content this fall and would embrace mail-in balloting that could mean votes were being cast earlier than ever,” said Tripepi Smith President Ryder Todd Smith. “The right thing to do was to be diligent about getting facts and information to residents to make an informed decision about the ballot measure and its impact on the community.”

As with any ballot measure, it was important for Tripepi Smith to collaborate with City staff and legal counsel. Through a “measure twice, cut once” process of reviewing language and visuals, Tripepi Smith prioritized neutral and factual information and left it to residents to decide the merits of the Measure.

Led by Senior Business Analyst Emily Mason, Tripepi Smith leveraged multiple talents on the team to produce:

  • A standalone informational webpage at
  • Inclusion of Measure-related information in City communications that were mailed to residents
  • Social media posts and digital advertisements on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Nextdoor
  • An informational animated video to explain the basics of sales tax, how Measure F-20 could change the current rate, and how funds could be used:

“Thanks to our prior experience executing voter outreach and education for ballot measures, we immediately came to the table with a well-thought-out strategy,” said Emily. “Since Tripepi Smith was working on two other ballot measures simultaneously in this election cycle, we were able to collaborate internally on best practices and make some real-time adjustments to some of our tactical decisions.”

About City of Grover Beach

The City of Grover Beach is a coastal town in San Luis Obispo County known for its natural beauty. The sagebrush town that would eventually become the City of Grover Beach was founded in 1887 and was later incorporated in 1957. Now part of the “Five Cities” metropolitan area, Grover Beach has grown to a population of approximately 13,500. Grover Beach provides for a unique quality of life for its residents and draws tourists with its moderate coastal climate, yearly Monarch butterfly spectacle, drive-on beach and diverse recreational opportunities. For more information visit the City’s website or call 805-473-4568. Follow the City of Grover Beach on Facebook; Twitter; and Instagram.

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